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“Phil is a very efficient and honest person, anytime we had the chance of working a project together it always been a no brainer and a real pleasure; he comes up with proactive solutions, he is very professional and understands well the reality and needs of his customers. He constantly stays up to date and on the edge of technology. It’s with both eyes shut that I’d recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent IT service provider.”

Manon Chiasson

“Whether readyIT was on site or remote, they were always quick and efficient working their magic for any I.T. issues I’ve had over the past ten years. Both while I was a sole proprietor and while I was otherwise employed they did not disappoint. They are my first call for anything technical, and there is no one I trust more when I need to upgrade my services or equipment. The smartest thing I can recommend for ANY potential client is to enter into a service agreement with readyIT. They are friendly, easy to work with and will save you a lot of cost and worry for your company.”

Krista M

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